Nothing can replace
the footprint of the gardner

Albion Farms is a hands-on, soil-grown, indoor cannabis farm based in Salem, Oregon. Our old and established Emerald Triangle genetics originate from the lushly forested landscape of Albion, creating deep roots that thrive strictly on local sourcing and collaboration.

We use organic soil dug from the Oregon earth, and we craft our own fertilizer recipe from local sources, imbuing our flowers with flavor and aroma profiles unique to our region. Our Recycled, Organic, Living Soil (ROLS) beds provide maximum nutrients to the growing flowers, creating a dynamic range of terpene profiles.


Community powered
from seed to case

While many farms adopt automated operations and minimal staffing, we believe in handling our plants everyday; there are always multiple farmers onsite working in the soil. As a result of our hands-on process and principles, we employ a diverse and dedicated staff, work with local collaborators, and forge strong relationships with our dispensaries and customers, taking care of the community that takes care of us. We want people to know that when they purchase Albion Farms’ flowers, they’re funding a community heavily comprised of women, veterans, parents, and people with disabilities.