Our Strains

Unlike most other cannabis farms, we use organic soil dug from the Oregon earth and we craft our own fertilizer recipe from local sources, imbuing our flowers with flavor and aroma profiles unique to our region. We perfect them with our signature curing process — handled with care through every step — to maintain terpene purity, consistency and richness.


Dutch Treat

29.30% THC

5.046% Terpenes


26.18% THC

2.314% Terpenes

Platinum OG

19.03% THC

2.188% Terpenes

Platinum Girlscout Cookie

Coming soon!

Sour Blueberry

Coming soon!


Platinum Blackberry Soda

Coming soon!

Blue Lemon Thai

21.62% THC

1.743% Terpenes

Stinky MKPinky

20.68% THC

2.314% Terpenes

Green Crack

20.62% THC

3.066% Terpenes

Critical OG

24.70% THC

2.457% Terpenes

Cadillac Purple

21.72% THC

2.38% Terpenes